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Three years ago I met Todd at a New Year's party. A year later I borded in his spare room for the summer. We've been friends ever since. Todd's a caring guy. He
always seems to be doing something with someone--for someone. You'll often find him difusing a tense situation with his jovial, "Hey, let's go do something" type of
personality. That must be what makes him so spontaneous. It's this drive and attitude that push him forward, following through with anything he assumes. He's an ambitious, resourceful guy with a do-it-yourself independence. He's rebuilt bikes and cars, remodeled his home, and recently began the construction of a garage in his own backyard. To unwind, he might make a trip to the cottage for the weekend where he can relax, go fishing, or just go for a ride in his boat.

To describe Todd, I would say he's a very sensitive, mellow guy who is very caring and understanding. He's empathetic, and has a very unusual but dry sense of humour, which is my favourite quality in him as a friend.

In My life I have always tried to take away a positive learning experience from every relationship. When I first met Todd, almost 5 years ago, I had a couple of years of university behind me. I thought that that the best way to survive life and it's challanges was by depending solely on myself. I strived to maintain my independance. In time though, through Todd's trust in me, I was able to see the necessity of interdependance for all relationships to thrive. This meant facing my worst fear of being hurt or betrayed.
Todd is completely genuine and is a friend who can always be depended on, wether I need advice on Personl issues, or a little Buisness Savy.
I feel Privelaged to be a part of Todd's life experiences, and he mine. And I think anyone would be lucky to have him as a friend.

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